A nerdy growth story

What started as a hobby project in high school, developed into a full scale business that’s growing at rocket speed 🚀 Today Compary is a team of 14 and counting, Andreas Johannesson is one of the founders.

He describes himself as a nerd who loves to work with like minded. 

”Nerd can sometimes have a negative cling to it, but I think being a nerd is the best thing there is - when you’re truly fire and flames about something and constantly want to get better at it.”

It started as a hobby

Together with David Hjelmström, Andreas founded Compary at the age of 18. They were two sports lovers who wanted to create an affiliate site for sports betting as a school project, but when that didn’t happen as planned, they decided to do it in their spare time anyway.

”I was interested in development and wanted to work on my coding skills. We used and looked at existing sites, questioning how we could do it smarter and better. Compary really started as a hobby project.”

Andreas and David spent evenings and weekends on their growing hobby. 

When they both started studying at Chalmers University, their sites got better and more time consuming. The second year Andreas was hardly attending school, other than doing his exams, his hobby held him occupied.

”At that point we realized we had to, and wanted to go for it and invest fully, so we did.”

Further growth

By 2014-2015 Compary evolved to more than a hobby. The first years Andreas and David were the entire business, doing everything themselves, and weren't planning on scaling it further.

”In the beginning it was more of a lifestyle business, but in 2018 we decided to go all in, getting an office and our first co-workers onboard - Simon and Steven, who’s still with us.”

Suddenly their journey was not only about building sites and deep diving into SEO and PPC.

”It was definitely a big time of change for us and it was exciting. I really enjoy seeing growth and making things happen, it’s incredibly fun!”

Getting fellow nerds onboard

A big focus was now getting the right people onboard and nerdiness was somewhat a keyword in the search for those.

”It’s awesome to work with people who truly love what they do, then work isn’t just work anymore, it’s a genuine interest and drive.”

Other than nerdiness - being prestigeless, wanting to contribute and having the ability to roll up the sleeves is keys for thriving at Compary.

“I think it’s important that you want to take the driving seat on things and not just expect to follow - you set up your own plan, become an important part of the company and develop further together with us.”

Individual growth

Andreas and Compary wants to facilitate individual growth, development and to be a dream job for curious specialists. The focus is organic development with workshops, researching and sharing learnings with each other.

“Everyone should feel free to gather a bunch of colleagues in a room to bounce ideas and discuss. Those days might not be the most productive days in the short term, but in the long run, probably the best.”

Putting resources into conferences and courses is prioritized.

“We want to do everything that can contribute to making us better at what we do.”

The dream job

The absolute best part about Andreas job is starting a new project, landing the first sales.

“For example we started working on PPC in Norway the other day with Simon, and after a few days the first conversion came in, it was a big peak for me!”

This is his dream job and Andreas hopes to be able to offer the same to people joining, by self ownership and responsibility.

“We believe that’s how you best contribute to the business - when you get to do what you find exciting and fun, in your way - that’s why we look to hire nerds!”

Today Compary is the biggest and most trusted source for comparing credit cards in Sweden with brands like Kortio and Kreditkort.com

Interested in joining the Compary team? Check out their openings here!

Published: Jul 5, 2022