From the deep forests of Värmland to Stenpiren 

Once upon a time in the deep forests of Värmland, a youngster got up at dawn to make sure the arrows in Wincher were green. Today he is older, and recently Simon Wahlstedt landed a job at Compary.

“Compary is a home for nerds and they are very good at picking our sharp interests up, giving us the opportunity to really dig into what we are curious to learn more about.”

Simon, from Arvika, loves Strongman, Google Ads, black numbers and increased ROAS. Prior to joining Compary as SEM Specialist he was with Noor Digital as Paid Media Strategist, and before that Simon studied Online Marketing at Medieinstitutet. 

“Between 2011 and 2014 I had been running ecommerces with my brother in our spare time. I felt like ecommerce was the future and back then I was super hooked on SEO, which was really starting to boil up. That led up to the decision to study.” 

During his studies, the interest for SEO was laid on ice to make space for his new fascination – paid search.

Development and flexibility 

“I am a result oriented person and I really appreciate nerdy industries, where I get to measure my achievements in competitive environments.”

Earlier this year Simon got contacted by DoubleCloud and matched with Compary. 

“If you’re someone who loves challenges, than Compary is the ultimate place to put your knowledge to test and to compete in the toughest markets. And they really made a good first impression, which lived up to my expectations.”

Today Simon is working with SEM on various sites, like among others. Besides getting constantly challenged in a very competitive market, he values freedom and flexibility.

“Since I am from Värmland and have a summer house there, the possibility for me to choose where to work every now and then is priceless.”

Prestigeless and fast paced 

Simon thrives in his new role and the prestigeless environment is a big reason why. 

“I am not super senior, but I’m allowed to test things constantly, make mistakes, learn and develop further. No one expects me to reinvent the wheel, but gives me support to try and pave my way forward, and sometimes fail in order to evolve.”

In the process with DoubleCloud and Compary, Simon appreciated the speed. 

“If I were to go into a new recruiting process in the future, a whole new standard is set for me. There were not 7 interviews and 3 personality tests. It was quick because it felt right for both parts, and maybe it doesn’t have to be a lot more complicated than that.”

Being completely transparent and open dialogue is key for a great match, Simon says. 

“In order for it to be truly right for both parties, everyone needs to be honest and lay the cards on the table, and if they don’t match, it’s not going to work.”

Want to check out current opportunities and the possibility to join Simon and the team at Compary? You'll find them here!

Published: Oct 6, 2022