Josephine 💙 freedom & working remote

Do I have my dream job? Yep. Right now I am working from the stunningly beautiful Val Thorens ⛰️

Wait, what? Did I just write that? I am actually working from France.If I am being honest I never thought I’d be able to have this much freedom, and I am beyond grateful for it.

I can, with all my heart, say that I am super motivated and sincerely happy with my everyday life. Our remote-first culture gives me the trust and ownership to steer my own work hours, from anywhere.

Mornings in the mountains 🏂 working on a sunny balcony in the afternoons ☀️

Am I still contributing enough at work? For sure. Am I still doing a good job? Probably better than I would if I was locked inside an office. 

I would never again take a job where I would lose this freedom.

Thank you DoubleCloud 💙

Snowy greetings from the Alps,


Published: Feb 17, 2022