"Only dead fish follow the stream" 🐠

Meet Josephine Andersson, Marketing Specialist at Doublecloud 👇

“I’ve never been very good at being or doing what I am “supposed” to be or do. I actually think that’s the main reason why I got really into marketing. It’s one of the few contexts I’ve yet come across where you get appreciated for, and even are expected to, be weird and not do what everyone else does.”  

Josephine has a diverse background

Among other things, she studied journalism at university and marketing at Medieinstitutet, worked with tv-production as scenographer, ran a restaurant and did Visual merchandising. Before joining DoubleCloud she was a member of the marketing team at Academedia. 

“I have been moving around in Sweden quite a lot, soaking in all the fun experiences I possibly could along the way. When I got to Gothenburg and fell in love with marketing I felt like I found my forever-home in a double sense.” 

She has been creating content and making marketing efforts at DoubleCloud since the summer of 2021 and are starting to get comfortable in the mission to reshape the job market.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this journey and this super cool group of people. I can really see and feel the huge value of DoubleCloud and the platform that finally makes job searching fun and exciting. It’s about time!”

Published: Mar 24, 2022