Welcome to the squad, Patrick Stenholm!

Great news! DoubleCloud is growing further and we now have the great pleasure of welcoming Patrick Stenholm to the Talent Acquisiton Team! 

Why DoubleCloud?

“Because of the awesome group of people, the atmosphere and all the cool companies we get to work with.”

What are you looking forward to in your new role? 

“The people! To work with extraordinary  candidates and amazing colleagues, and to get the chance to help people find their dream jobs.”

Any advice to those looking to find their dream job?

"My experience is that it’s hard to develop if you stay comfortable. It’s so important to get out of that comfort zone, to be able to grow in your profession and as a person.”

Welcome to the DoubleCloud squad, Patrick 💙 We’re so happy to have you!

Published: Feb 17, 2022