Yippee! Henrik has joined the team 

Henrik Johansson will be responsible for Sales & Partnership, to establish strong relationships with growth customers 💙 Welcome to the squad! 

Henrik, who lives in Gothenburg, started his journey with studies in economics and political science at JIBS and University of Gothenburg, but quickly realized Sales and Management was more of his melody.

Since 2008 he has been in Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Export at companies like Meltwater, West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, Grazette and Xlash. Now tuning in on the DoubleCloud journey.

“I love working with companies in strong growth, to team up with the people who are fueling it, to help shape the organization and strategies.

A dream job for me is about contributing with knowledge and at the same time getting the opportunity to develop myself and others, as the company” 

What challenges have you seen companies face in scaleup journeys?

Finding the people to grow with.

"The right people. Who fits into the team, the business, the journey and who has the expertise that is needed just now." 

Building organization.

"It’s never been as hard as it is now to build a marketing organization, for example. It’s complex, fast changing and the need for excellence and specialists is often required in certain phases."

Decision making.

"Things are moving fast, changing quickly and when facing challenges it’s easy to doubt instead of making fast decisions.

Good people that’s trustworthy and a strong organization helps effective decision making."

“It’s also important to be prestigeless. We need to stop thinking that we have to, should do and be the best at everything we do.

I am a strong advocate of taking in the right competence when needed.”

What are you looking forward to in your new role? 

“To be a part of a tech startup with an awesome team, who has a clear vision and wholehearted values. And to develop sales and contribute, of course.”

Welcome Henrik! We are so happy to have you onboard!

Published: Feb 22, 2022