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We know how difficult it is to find and hire tech people. With our automated outreach tool you can find thousands of developers and have a chat with them. The tool helps you find people with the tech-expertise you need, connect and pitch your opportunities.
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DoubleCloud Platform

Unleash the power of referrals

Use the referral system to leverage your network, your employees networks, our 4000+ users networks and others to get more qualified candidates in your pipe. With our referral system you can offer a finder's fee per qualified candidate or pay per hire to anyone who helps you refer the right candidate. All you have to do is activate it, we’ll take care of the rest.
Pay per qualified candidate and/or hire
We handle all your referral payments
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Attract top talent faster & easier

Expose your brand and job opportunities to qualified candidates for free. Reduce the time you spend looking for the right candidates with unique tools that automates your daily tasks. Get matched with people that are genuinely interested in working with you.

Find & hire the right people

Drastically shorten the time you spend on sourcing when using our smart online tools, or try out our hiring services and get a personal expert to help with the entire recruitment process. Our tools and team help growth companies find the right people fast.
We put a lot of thought and effort into our cultural values, so does DoubleCloud. Having that in common feels safe.
- Linus Johansson, OGOship
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What is DoubleCloud

What is DoubleCloud?

Attracting, finding and hiring the right people for growth should be free of friction. DoubleCloud is a platform with smart online tools that automates your recruiting process. Creating a career page with jobs ads and related content is free. Our smart outreach tool helps you find thousands of developers, and if you need support with recruiting, our team is here to help.

Genuinely interested in working with you

If you would like our help with sourcing, interviewing and hiring, you should know that we put a lot of effort into offering the best possible candidate experience. We find people who are genuinely interested in working with you and your brand.
With DoubleCloud, I got a partner who backed me up and made sure that they matched me with a job that suited me
- Matilda Lundin, Trickle
DoubleCloud meet-ups

A waterhole for growth experts

A community of like minded people! DoubleCloud hosts regular meetups online and offline to discuss, develop and grow together. Participants work in multiple industries and have various roles, but one thing in common: we all love growth!


What is DoubleCloud?

A unique job platform with smart tools where recruiters can attract, find and hire the right people, and where candidates can find their dream job and get matched with the right opportunities.

What do we offer recruiters?

You can post career pages, job openings and related content free of charge on Access our candidate database and reach thousands of developers with smart outreach tools, referral programs or hiring services.

Why use DoubleCloud?

If you are looking to find the right people for your growth business, automate your hiring process and make it more efficient, find developers to your team or get support from experts in recruiting, then DoubleCloud is a great option.

How to get started?

Sign up for free on where you can easily make an attractive career page, post job openings and add valuable content. Reach top candidates fast with our sourcing tools and access our hiring services. We are here to support you all the way.

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Let us help you grow

We want your growth journey to be a success and we know you will need the right people onboard to make that happen. Are you a growth company looking to hire? Sign up for free on and let’s hire together!

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