Estrid doubles valuation to 2 billion SEK

By taking in 280 million SEK in risk capital and loans, Estid is now valued at 2 billion. By broadening the ownership base, they're looking to increase diversity. 

Among others, the famous rapper Silvana Imam and King-founder Sebastian Knutsson are now brought onboard. Existing owners such as Christina Stenbecks and Susanna Campbells Camsten are also bringing in capital. 

Estrid has a stated goal of striving for inclusion and diversity. In line with that objective, Estrid has strategically let some investors buy shares at a reduced price tag. 

–  Even though we have come a long way, the social structures are still reflected in our owner base. Hopefully the reality looks different for the next generation of start-ups. We hope that our initiative can be the starting point for more concrete measures to increase diversity in companies' ownership lists,  says Estrid's CEO Ben Eliass in a comment.

The newly added capital will be used for product development, expansion into new markets and strengthening of the brand in existing 16 markets.

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Published: Oct 26, 2022