"Our organization is built on self-ownership"

“My warm recommendation on finding a dream job is to not over analyze and think too much. Dare to try new things and keep life in looser reins!” Ola Levin, CEO and Founder of FoR Group.

He is passionate about changing things for the better, thriving in the aim of improving an entire industry with Future of Retail. 

“I love challenges! Running a business is a big challenge that is really rewarding. It’s a great feeling to see how we are contributing to the industry with a product that truly makes a difference.”

Previously he has been in Sales and Business Development at companies in various fields, mainly in Finance as Head of Sales at Alektum. He believes that in order for a job to be a dream job it has to be a place where you feel like you’re given the possibility to make an impact.

“Many people are talking about Sunday anxiety. I can’t relate to that. I personally have nothing against waking up Monday, heading straight into a new week with the challenges that lay before me, because I love what I do and our work offers value to the industry.”

At Future of Retail Ola wants to build a team and a workplace where everyone is excited about the business and feels encouraged to speak their minds freely.

“Our organization is built on self-ownership, I will never be someone who bosses over people saying “do this, do that”. Everyone should always be included and when hearing people's ideas I want to be the one that says “Yes, go for it!” and we’ll see where it lands!”

A close-knit team is core according to Ola who believes that the best way to achieve high goals is to have as much fun as possible on the way. Right now Future of Retail, together with DoubleCloud, are looking to grow their team with a Customer Success Manager.

"This obviously, like any job, isn’t the perfect role for just anyone, but for someone who wants freedom, an awesome team and the opportunity to change an exciting industry for the better, this is a dream job."

By joining FoR as their Customer Success Manager, you will be given the opportunity to shape your role and develop further together with the company and team.

What’s the best part about your job?

“More than anything it’s about being in an industry that hasn’t really changed a lot through the years, where our contribution is valuable. To apply a solution that’s unique in its way certainly has its challenges, but it’s also the absolute best part about my job.

And meeting all sorts of exciting people, businesses and companies!”

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Published: Mar 17, 2022