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About us

Derived from her ancient knowledge and wisdom, combined with today's innovative and natural solutions, Häxan offers a cure for every home. In old Gothenburg there was a factory. Even miles away, one could sense that the business was booming. The year was 1913 and the time had come for a unique formula. A magical elixir, sprung from nature's breeding ground. The time had come for Häxan's cleaning products. Häxan became a clear favorite among houses, where there was talk of the crystal clear luster that followed in its footsteps. A century later, two decades into the twentieth century, the world is on fire. The witch rises again and the ancient brand is getting a fresh start together with three former colleagues from Happy Socks.

Why us

Häxan anno 2021 is inspired by the "good for us, good for the planet" philosophy with environment friendly products, aiming to be a helping hand in nurturing, caring for and reusing products, rather than throwing them away. By joining Häxan you're in for an exciting ride, improving and breathing life into a brand that's already well known - since over 100 years ago! Häxan is now owned by well known entrepreneurs and e-commerce experts, driven by the challenge to bring the timeless old brand back to the households of Sweden (and maybe beyond?).

Häxan AB
Götgatan 21, Stockholm
Industry: Manufacturing
Org.no.: 5592710023