Jim wants to challenge the giants

Co-owner and CCO,  Jim Rosengren is excited to revolutionize a traditional industry with the bold and innovative Häxan 🧙‍♀️ Being competitive and result-driven is in his DNA.

Besides that, Jim is accurate, prestigeless, and has a love for numbers, excel and details. He is originally from Malmö but has lived in Stockholm for almost 20 years. 

After studying business in UK, his journey has, among other things, involved marketing and sales with L’Oréal, and business development at Björn Borg. He has been operating from UK, Germany, China, and Sweden.

From hair to underwear & from socks to witch pots

As CCO at Happy Socks, Jim met Lovisa and Mikael, they would later together become the founding team of Häxan. Three very different individuals, who work well together and complete each other.

“While I’m more about get things done, being in order, structures and follow ups, Mikael is a visionary with bold and challenging ideas, and Lovisa - a creative leader who secures our brand, concept and products.”

Jim sees many similarities between Häxan and Happy Socks.

“We’re trying to revolutionize a somewhat forgotten industry and product, by creating an exciting and fun brand with designed quality products that are environmentally friendly and accessible for all."

What’s also intriguing to Jim is challenging major players.

“Looking at who’s controlling the industry today, they are big corporations and we’re a little startup trying to beat them, that’s so exciting.”


The competitive side of Jim has always been there, he says. 

“I’m extremely result-driven and I love fast-moving environments, to be able to quickly get a receipt for efforts and achievements, showing that we’re on the right path. I think it’s in my nature.”

Running a business of his own has always been a dream for Jim.

“I’m currently living my dream, but life as an entrepreneur is not easy and can sometimes be very challenging and frustrating. For someone who doesn’t have the infrastructure to do that yet themselves, working with us might be a great step towards that journey. To hop on, live and learn it, without having to invest financially.”

Prestigeless startup

In order to thrive at Häxan, you definitely need to be prestigeless, according to Jim.

“Working in a startup may sound very appealing, but it’s not easy. We’re only a few people onboard this far, and it will be up to you to handle problems that may occur and take ownership of them. Your day-to-day work will consist of both high and low working tasks.”

You’ll also have to be adjustable, a fan of ever-changing environments and of failing, before you succeed, Jim says.

“No day is similar to the next, we keep testing. We might have ten different projects, of which there are only three that actually work.”

Jim believes in growing through experiences, and that also applies to career choices.

“I believe that finding an industry, brand, and product you believe in, will make you prosper. To have a curios approach and dare to try new things is key. We are very open to let people find their path with us.”

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Published: Jun 7, 2022