Making magic 🧙‍♀️ with Mikael

“I love working with people who’s talented, interesting and a little odd. Putting together awesome teams is a big drive of mine” – Meet Mikael Söderlindh 👋 co-owner of Häxan.

“I love to work, that’s just how it is. And at the same time I’d like to say I never had a job. My work is my life, and that’s how I want it.”

Mikaels journey has been an exciting collection of many and various projects. He co-founded Happy Socks and Knife Aid, lived in the US and was a part in the launch of Stutterheim Raincoats, just to mention some. 

“For me it’s always been about starting over and remaking things – like apartments, buildings and companies. It gives me performance anxiety every time, but I still love doing it.”

Start over and remake

That Mikael has a very strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit is impossible to avoid noticing. It has always been that way, he says. 

“I never liked doing what people told me to do. Already in highschool I knew that I wanted to start my own business. I’m not the studying kind of person, I rather find my own paths.”

With Lovisa and Jim, Mikael is now breathing life into the old, classic brand Häxan to make it a success in Sweden, before aiming global. 

“This is a new industry for us, so right now it’s about doing it as well as we possibly can, in order to find the right keys and take it further.”

Who would love working with Häxan

Someone who would love working with Häxan and the founding team is likely not an Average Joe, but someone who wants to be who they truly are, while rolling up their sleeves, doing what it takes to succeed. 

“Someone who enjoys clear frameworks and to be told exactly how things are done, are probably not gonna like it with us. In order to love it here I think you probably have to be someone who doesn’t generally get in the norm-line.”

At Häxan it’s currently a lot about testing, learning by doing and to grow as they go. 

“I love trying new things, preferably things I didn't know about before. But most importantly I want to work with people that I like being around and who like being around us.” 

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Published: Jun 3, 2022