Meet The Brand Witch 🧙‍♀️ 

She’s excited about starting from scratch and breaking new ground. Lovisa Tingman, CPO and Co-owner of Häxan, loves the mix of creativity and pushing projects through.

Lovisa, from Mullsjö outside of Jönköping, has worked with brand building the larger part of her professional life. Before Häxan, she was Managing Director in LA at Happy Socks and worked as Marketing Manager at Tre. 

“What really drives me is the mix between creativity and project management. And it’s so much fun being in an industry that we haven't been in before, it’s all about testing and learning by doing.”

On the right path

She has always dreamt about operating her own business. It’s in her family. Today, as CPO and Co-owner of Häxan she does everything from product development to design, brand building, marketing and anything else that might land on her table.

“It’s so much fun! Sometimes it's a little crazy, obviously, but it’s mainly just fun.”

What’s currently most exciting about Häxan and her work is the sense of being on the right track and the response they’ve received so far, Lovisa says. 

“If we find the secret sauce now and invest in the right things, tweak, refine and get the best people onboard our potential is huge!”

Breaking new ground

Going global in the future is something that’s thrilling too. 

“It’s gonna be a whole different project going international and our ideas about globalization are really exciting.”

With Mikael, Jim and Häxan, Lovisa gets to start from scratch and work result-oriented, which is something she enjoys. 

“My fuel right now is continuously testing and getting quick results. And the creation of something new! It’s not about managing a brand, but about breaking new ground, creating something that hasn’t been done before.”

Energy, bravery & solutions

When it comes to who would love to join Häxan’s journey together with the founding team, Lovisa thinks it’s someone who’s energetic and solution-oriented. 

“I think you have to be a person who truly enjoys it fast-paced and who appreciates going beyond bounds, embracing new ideas and taking responsibility for making them reality.”

In a startup environment, there are many challenges to face. None of them are impossible obstacles, but conquering them requires a certain mindset.

“I’d like to work with someone who takes the initiative to work towards finding a solution from their point of view and share it, rather than wait for a decision to be made first.”

Find your dream job

Dare to try, take a chance, follow your gut and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, are Lovisa’s advice for anyone seeking their dream job.

“Be brave enough to trust your gut feeling instead of thinking about how it looks on paper or what you’re supposed to do – what’s the worst that could happen? Things always tend to work out one way or the other!”

Would you love working with Häxan and Lovisa? Check out the opportunities here!

Published: Jun 3, 2022