Mindmore's Sara Wallén and Frida Strömberg gets nominated for Digital Psychologist of the year

CEO, Sara Wallén and Head of Customer relations, Frida Strömberg are nominated by the Swedish Psychological Association’s network for Digital Psychologist of the year! 

“It is so important that there are many of us who together develop the field of Digital Psychology. Cool to be able to write a book about it last year and be nominated this year.

More digital to psychologists! Because then more patients get more and better care, digitally when possible - physically when needed.” 

- Sara Wallén 

“Brain health is an important piece of the puzzle in the work of all psychologists. Cognitive function is a key factor for good health and in order to make brain health visible, we need to measure brain functions. Something that has previously been a time-consuming complex manual work.

Through Mindmore, we make available digital cognitive tests that enable small interventions at an early stage to make a big difference for the patient, for the psychologist and health care in general.”

- Frida Strömberg

The award is important and highlights, among other things, the work to streamline care with digital solutions that simplify everyday life - for psychologists and patients.

Congratulations Mindmore, Sara and Frida for an important and prestigious nomination!

Published: May 16, 2022