3 tips on tuning up the teamwork 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻

He is a human-centered facilitator with a passion for giving the right tools to work better together. Christer Hedberg, co-founder of &friends, shares 3 tips on tuning up the teamwork.  

 “I didn’t like having group tasks in school. Either I didn’t get involved at all or I had to do everything. Growing up we never really got any tools to help us work together as a team.

As my career started I realized that we’re pretty bad at teamwork in general and I got curious about how people work and how we can do it better together. Therefore I decided to start &friends together with Anna-Maria Ölander”  

How to work better together 👇

We asked Christer for his tips on how to facilitate better teamwork in a fast-paced growth environment.

Don’t rush it, take time to analyze the situation.

“What is the challenge we are trying to solve? What skills do we have in the group? What’s important to us? How do we do it? I can recommend using Team Canvas, it can create a really good conversation in the team to bring everyone on the same page. “

Start every day with checking in on each other.

“How are we doing today? What do we need? Just because I’m usually outgoing and energetic, it doesn’t mean that I always am. Maybe I need something else today, like space or a more quiet environment.”   

Have fun and let yourself be a little crazy.

“I think it’s so important to have a good time together and let loose every now and then. To give space for laughter or just to do something fun and different for five minutes when you feel stuck. There is nothing that kills the vibe more than if some people in the team take everything way too seriously.”  

A typical mistake people make is not talking to each other about expectations and prerequisites, instead we assume, Christer says.

"There is nothing worse than assuming. We should all write that word on our walls and draw a big line over it. Don’t assume, talk about it instead!” 

Published: Mar 24, 2022