3 typical characteristics that growth companies are looking for in a candidate

What type of characteristics are hyper-growth companies searching for when recruiting? Here are 3 typical qualities that Fredrik Johansson, Head of People at Doublecloud, often finds on the most-wanted-list.  

Self leadership and ownership

Growth companies in general are looking for people that are extremely good at leading themselves. Be brave and smart enough to make your own decisions. The more you execute, the more you learn. 

Optimistic team players

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you’re sitting remote or in the office. What matters is that you’re thinking of solutions and not problems.

Thrives in a fast paced environment

In growth companies with huge ambitions you need to accept that your current truths may be different tomorrow.

Challenge what you think you know to constantly grow!

Published: Mar 24, 2022