A chat with a growth legend in gaming 

He executed worldwide strategies for brands like Microsoft, Xbox and Electronic Arts. Today Stefan Lampinen is a founder, CEO, coach and an absolute legend in the gaming industry.

It all started with selling board games in the 90’s. Stefan thought to himself “Video games must be the new big thing” and he contacted Brio saying he could help them out in that department.

They took him on and he got the chance to launch SEGA. Since then his career has been blossoming and he has been working with some of the biggest brands of the industry. 

“I think something that’s been contributing to my journey has been that I’ve been brave enough to take on new missions. It’s important to dare leaving the comfort zone.”

Today Stefan is the founder of his main focus Game Advisor, a leading Advisory and Business intelligence company in the game sector, with offices in Stockholm and London.

He is also a board member of the Swedish founded multinational game developer and publisher Zordix AB.

“Sometimes people ask me why I work so much, which I find funny. It’s a bit cliché but the thing is that work and freetime is almost the same thing for me.

2Honestly, it’s just so much fun. After this many years I have a broad network and the luxury of people reaching out with different projects and ideas often, and it’s so enjoyable.”

Keys for scaling

Stefan has been working with growth his entire career, so we asked him for his tips on scaling up. He answered:

1. A clear roadmap 

2. Great team culture

3. High paced decision making

Stefan has coached several CEO's in becoming faster decision makers.

Cut the crap, Stefan says.

"Go straight from point A to point B. Sometimes there are bigger questions that require more time, but in general it’s important to decide effectively and fast”

It’s not only business leaders that he coaches, but also a women’s soccer team and he does mentoring for women who want that little extra push in their career journeys.

“Sadly it’s still tougher for women. They usually reach out to get help and mentorship for accomplishing international careers. I think it’s because I always give my honest opinion on things.”

We asked Stefan if he had any personal tips for anyone looking for their dream job.

“Find out what your passion really is and think about that more than the economy. If you have a job that you’re passionate about, the compensation usually comes naturally.

"But don’t stay too long if it doesn’t go your way. If you meet bad leadership you should leave.”

Published: Mar 24, 2022