Can’t find and hire developers? Try a new & different way!

Are you putting lots of time trying to reach out to developers, thinking there must be a better way? Now there is.

The DoubleCloud team has been working on something very exciting lately and we’re now finally ready to say: Our Developer Outreach tool is launched and available!

We know how difficult it is to find and hire tech people. With this smart tool you can find and reach out to thousands of developers through email in a few clicks and start a chat with them. 

It’s a nobrainer, really. 

1. Browse among over 200 000 developers
2. Search by keywords, locations and programming languages
3. View profiles via GitHub or/and LinkedIn 
4. Hand pick suitable candidates
5. Reach out with a personal message

Want to try it out? Book a demo with us, or sign up and enjoy your 20 free credits.


What is the Developer outreach tool? 

An automated tool in the DoubleCloud platform, that helps you find and connect with more than 200 000 developers and tech experts across the globe in a few clicks.

How do I use the tool? 

1. Sign up at, add your company, career page and job post and you’re ready to set sail. 

2. Through your job post you can search for prospects with your choice of keywords, locations and programming languages. 

3. The tool then finds suitable candidates and allows you to hand pick people you’d like to reach out to. Before choosing your prospects you can view their Github or/and LinkedIn profile. 

4. Write a personal message and send it to their email inbox using your credits.

Who should use the tool?

Anyone struggling with connecting with- and recruiting people in tech. Primarily brands and companies that’s growing and can offer an exciting work environment, responsibility, self ownership and interesting employee perks.

How does the tool work? 

It fetches open information and profiles via Github, Twitter and LinkedIn, sorts them after your requirements and presents them to you. Your outreach message lands in their email inbox. 

Why should I use the tool?

If you have trouble finding the tech expertise you need, or want to skip the time consuming manual sourcing, this tool is definitely for you.

The Developer outreach tool is perfect if you want to make tech hiring more efficient and increase your reply rates, or if you’d simply like to try a new and easier way of recruiting developers.

Can I use the tool to drive traffic to my current career platform/ATS?

Sure! When you create the outreach message, just link to the specific URL.

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger and reach out to Henrik if there is anything on your mind. 

Published: Jul 7, 2022