How to build awesome marketing teams

Sophie Hedestad knew early on that marketing was her passion. Today she is the CMO of Netigate and has two successful podcasts. We are thrilled to share some of her insights.

After doing a master in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University, her journey started with selling software to marketers at Meltwater, where she came to spend almost 9 years in different positions, from sales to management to marketing.   

“I am very happy about that today. I always felt that I was developing and I got the opportunity to get more responsibility. 

After my maternity leave, I was reflecting on my next steps and going to Netigate was a natural step for me to be able to grow and develop further.”

Today, as CMO of Netigate, that offers solutions for collecting feedback and research, Sophie has a broad responsibility when it comes to brand- and growth strategy.

“The most fun parts about my job is the competition, to see numbers grow and to see my team grow into marketing superstars.”

How do you build awesome teams? 


The team needs to be able to make decisions and move fast, and it is at the same time a lot more fun for everyone involved.

Create momentum

Make sure there is a positive atmosphere with focus on execution and to get things out of the door.

Equal contribution

If there are only one or a few people talking in meetings and taking charge, it’s not a healthy team setup. As a manager you should facilitate meetings and help introverts grab the word. Everyone should feel included.

What is a dream job to you?

“A dream job for me has a great culture, inspiring colleagues and challenging tasks. When searching for a job it’s important that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Not because you want to leave something but because you really want something.”

 If you didn’t already, check out Sophies podcasts 🎧 #KommuniceraMERA and #VoiceOfSuccess!

Published: Mar 24, 2022