How to define your cultural fit 

Everyone simply doesn’t fit in anywhere!

It's hard to find the right person for the job. How do you define your cultural fit and who you are really looking for? 

Just because someone is an expert in their field and possibly one of the sharpest in the area, it doesn’t mean they are the right fit for a certain role, company and team.

Some people and environments just don’t sync with each other.

Do you know who you are looking for and who would be a great contribution to your team, not only competence and skill wise - but also on an individual level?

4 tips on difining your culture

Make a persona

We are often gladly willing to analyze our target groups and make a customer persona. Put the same effort into hiring. Who are we really looking for? How do they act? What’s their work style? What do they love? What are their dislikes? 

Value yourself objectively

It’s easy to analyze and value the candidates, but what about yourselves? What can you offer? What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? How can you adapt to the candidate? 

Involve the team 

You already have people in the team who are a part of, and building, the culture. Invite them into the process. Their opinion is valuable in the pre-recruiting analysis as well as in the interviews. 

Diversity is key

Different backgrounds, experiences and views bring multiple perspectives and ideas to the table. Diverse teams boost creativity and innovation. When differences meet, miracles happen! 

In summary

The more effort you put into researching your needs as well as yourselves and your culture, the better. The clearer your definition of who you are is, the clearer your picture of who you need will be and the more efficient and on point your recruitment process will become.

Good luck in finding The One!

Published: Mar 28, 2022