How to get your SEO together 

He swapped years of agency work for a business of his own SEO-specialist Patrik Rosenfeld has 23 years of experience. He sheds some light on how to get your SEO together.

SEO, digital strategy and web analytics. That’s the melody of Patrik Rosenfeld. Before going full time into his own business he spent 3 years as Digital Strategy Expert at Resultify, was on the Advisory Board of IHM Business School and founded the Swedish Linkedin group Digitala Strateger i Sverige.

“Working with keywords is like going treasure hunting. Suddenly you find the search phrase that has everything, but that no one is really fighting for yet. But in order to find it, you’ll have to dig deep.”

Patriks tips on mastering SEO

We asked Patrik for his advice on what to keep in mind when working with SEO.

Widen your perspective 

See the whole picture. The company, the vision, the competitors and the customers. Look at their needs and their behaviour both online and offline.

Be patient

Be aware that SEO can take some time and keep it in mind throughout the process. Put effort into the setup and make it a long-term investment.  

Make great content with great packaging

Content should be made for the customers, to answer their questions. Presentation is equally as important – make it user friendly and easy for Google to navigate.  

Support with Google Ads

Work with paid ads on the important keywords that you are not able to rank organically just yet.  

“Companies often think inside out, instead of outside in. We tend to think more about what we want to say, rather than what the customer wants to hear and needs.

Many companies should reverse their approach and adjust their sites to what the user is actually searching for.”      

Published: Mar 24, 2022