How to make a succesful MarTech strategy

Marketing Technology has grown over 5000% since 2011 🚀 Niklas Nikolaidis, CEO and co-founder of Stackbeam believes in the power of optimizing what you already have, combined with smart tech 💡 

“There are about 8000 MarTech tools out there. It’s a jungle. It can be really difficult and complex for marketers to work with these technical platforms, often it lands on the desk of the IT-team and the collaboration can be tricky.” 

He’s a father of three, originally from Småland, living in Stockholm. Niklas is a MarTech expert with 20 years of experience in marketing, business development and entrepreneurship that has worked for companies like Zmarta Group, Curamando and Google.

Now he runs his own business, Stackbeam, that specializes in Marketing Technology, data and operations.  

How do you make a successful MarTech strategy? 

We asked Niklas for his advice on what do have in mind when creating a strategy for Marketing Technology.

Map up what’s already available today. 

What skills do we have? What tools? Are we making the most of them? What’s missing?

Don’t get caught in only thinking about technology.

It’s the people that will take ownership of the processes and flows. Decide who’s doing what. 

Think people, process, data, technology.

Think of it like a flywheel where the starting point of every unique business is different. The needs vary, depending on what your timing in the process is. 

 “A lot of people and businesses get affected by the shiny object syndrome. They think “Wow, what a cool new tool, I want that!”, instead of hitting the brakes to see what’s already in place and if they’re using it enough.”

Published: Mar 24, 2022