This is where Björn wants to be

Björn Elfgren is an entrepreneur, advisor, and from the beginning, an accountant from Värmland. He is the founder of Wint and most recently the CEO of Abicart. Now he is building his dream job.

“When you look out, digitalisation has made a huge difference for all types of companies and business, including bookkeeping. Automated solutions develop everywhere, but no one is talking about digital auditing."

"I believe that there is so much potential to make auditing more attractive.”

Auditing and accounting is not that hard and boring, as most people seem to think. It’s simple, fun and warmaccording to the people-loving Björn Elfgren and his newly started audit firm, Warmare.

“I love to help entrepreneurs develop and grow. To work closely with them in a trustworthy, warm and safe relationship gives me energy."

"My job is more about people than numbers.”

Meeting people, having valuable conversations and being that person who is curious and who listens, that is Björn’s aim. He is convinced that the human factor is central when working as an accountant, and that this, unfortunately, is considered both difficult and scary.

“It will always be important for us humans to see and meet each other, which AI can never replace. So if we lose that, we will more or less lose our reason to exist.”

Advice for anyone chasing the dream job?

We asked Björn for his personal tips, to people looking to find their dream job.

Just do it.

You must dare to just do it, dare to try something new. There will always be different options and new people for you to reach out to. If you just do it, it is really not that complicated.

Feel the vibe.

If you go to an interview, or just to explore a new work environment, try to soak in the atmosphere. How does it feel? Do the people around you stand for the same things as you do? Does it feel honest and transparent? Is this the right place for you?

Surround yourself with good people.

Make sure that you feel truly surrounded by people that give you energy, and that your new colleagues want what is best for you.

“People who prove that everything is possible have always inspired me. The ones that break conventions and say this can be done differently! We live in a world filled with possibilities, and at the same time we are facing a lot of challenges."

"But everything can be solved if we think outside the box, and we must remember to have fun while exploring!”

Björn’s dream job is a place where he feels This is where I want to be.

“I am building my dream job right now, a place where I get energy from what I do, a place where there is something real and where I get the chance to do something that makes people feel better. It should be simple, warm and human.”

Published: Mar 24, 2022