#Tillväxtrevisorn went his own way

#Tillväxtrevisorn, the scale up auditor, is breaking conventions, doing things differently – Sven Cristea, CFO at Bangerhead, rather wears sneakers than suits.

He is probably the first influencer of the auditing industry, operating under the hashtag #Tillväxtrevisorn on social media, which is also the name of the business he later founded around his services.

The idea of the hashtag was born a few beers in, at an after work, when a friend described him as a scale up auditor. “I am The scale up auditor” Sven said. He trademarked the brand and started posting.

“I felt stupid at first. It didn’t take off immediately, but shame on him who gives in, so I kept going.”

By daring to stand out, Sven’s brand started to grow. More scale ups were reaching out to him, wanting an auditor that was different from others. Later on he started lecturing in brand building for consultants - something he still does on a regular basis. 

Early blooming career 

Pre #Tlllväxtrevisorn, Svens career was already blooming. He became an equity partner at the Big 4 firm at 32 years, but chose to leave both KPMG and the audit industry at 35.

“I had some kind of epiphany and realized that I don’t just want to be that guy in the black suit – I want to explore creativity and freedom beyond the audit industry, which is very regulated in terms of what you can do regarding investments and advisory.”

He needed a new challenge and when Marc Palmefjord, CEO at Bangerhead, said his appearance would improve as a bonus, if he joined them as CFO, he just couldn’t say no. Obviously it wasn’t the only reason for joining Bangerhead, which is a very expansive and exciting Group in the online beauty vertical.

“I think part of my success has been that I’ve refused to get in line, I’ve done things my way and that made me stand out in a positive way – especially in a very conservative industry”

He has coped with the fact that he’ll probably never be satisfied.

“I love always having an aim, striving forward, whatever that means. It doesn't necessarily have to mean moving forward and upward in the traditional sense, but at least moving onwards, trying new things, learning and developing.”

Sustainable growth

Growth is the melody of Sven, who thinks that growth is fundamental for having fun – it opens a lot of possibilities. 

“A company that isn’t growing is not going to have the possibilities to develop, move its position forward and accomplish great things. Without growth it is boring and over time most companies without growth will implode.”

But growth is worthless if it isn’t sustainable, according to Sven. 

“However - financial growth isn’t enough. Sustainability has to be an integral part of the whole business and everyone’s work over time. We can’t just count dollars and cents.”

“We need to tune in with the world around us and people’s expectations, which are different today than from just five years ago. Having a sustainability manager doesn’t cut it, it must be a general mindset and an integral part of the company.”

Go for it

“When nothing is certain, everything is possible” is one of Sven’s favorite quotes. We have to dare to try new things, in order to grow – and yes, growth is supposed to hurt a bit, he believes.

“I was auditing for thirteen years, was an equity partner for three, and I felt that doing something else could be fun, so I did something else. Just go for it! Even if it’s out of your comfort zone. Nobody remembers a coward!”

A dream job, according to Sven, is a place where you can contribute to the business, as well as the world in some sense.

“A job and place where your voice is heard, where you can make an impact and have the possibility to contribute to something bigger than yourself!”

Published: Jun 20, 2022