Tips for marketing in growth journeys 

She is a marketer at heart and soul. Sylwia Lindén, VP of Marketing at Tink has a passion for growth, challenging conventions in B2B marketing, individual bravery and a few tips to share.

“I think it’s so important to have the courage to follow your passion, and sometimes that means jumping from big companies to startups.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? If it turns out that it’s not right, then it just isn’t and you’ll find something else. The worst thing to do is to just sit in a place where you don’t thrive. Believe in yourself and take the chance!”

She is a Stockholm based adventurer and outdoors enthusiast. After university her career started with a choice between working as a sailing instructor in Barbados or in Management Consulting at Accenture. She ended up choosing the later option.

After several years she entered a new path, joining the growth journey of smaller company - Brilliant Future as COO with responsibility for Sales and Marketing.

“I wanted to work more long term and live with the consequences of my decisions and properly see things through. That’s how I ended up at Brilliant. We developed a technology solution for employee and customer engagement, and focused relentlessly on the delivery to our customers.

I thought I was only going to stay for a few years, but I loved it and stuck around for 8 years. It was so exciting to grow the company and the business.”

After the years at Brilliant, Sylwia felt like she needed a new challenge and a more international context. She got contacted by Tink.

Tink, a fast-growing open banking platform, is aiming to build the future of financial services in Europe and across the world, changing the finance industry for the better.

“In the beginning we were often talking about “running while tying our shoe laces”. We worked hard to get our brand out across Europe and invented ways of working as we scaled. It was truly a race across all of Europe against our competitors.” 

Tips to other marketers in growth-companies?

Get married to sales

"I never cared too much about marketing specific metrics. What really matters is if marketing touches the right prospects and if we win the deals we want. I look at marketing metrics but I truly care about what deals we win and the revenue we influence. And I am sharing those goals with the sales lead."

Go for specialists

"Deep skills can really move mountains. Dare to hire specialists who are really good at what they are doing, instead of keeping to generalists who know a little about everything."

Break conventions

"Find that secret sauce that makes you break through the noise. Challenge the conventions in branding, design, tonality and message. We don’t look like a traditional finance company, we are unique and therefore the recipient knows our identity."

Any last advice?

“Many people are stuck in situations that they don’t really like, but there are so many possibilities. Dare to jump!” 

Published: Mar 24, 2022