When small ideas have a bigger meaning 

What started as a personal problem developed into a vision about sustainability Anton Haglund, co-founder of SmellWell tells us the story about how small ideas can have a bigger meaning.  

“I think it’s exciting to see how people prioritize and really value taking care of their things in order to make sustainable choices.”

The idea of SmellWell took shape when co-founder Vincent A. Schaffler was annoyed with his daughter's smelly soccer shoes. Anton was studying at Chalmers University of Technology. Together with chemists at the university they decided to find a solution to Vincent’s problem.   

“When launching our product and feedback started coming in, we realized people were throwing perfectly functioning things away because of the smell and we understood that our product could save stuff and help save the environment.”

That inspired Anton. What started with smelly soccer shoes developed into finding ways for helping people to take better care of their gear in order for them to last longer. Today SmellWells products are sold at multiple store chains around the world.

“I believe the sustainable focus is gonna keep growing. Customers will have even higher expectations on transparency and traceability and demand to know under what circumstances products were produced, with what materials and climate footprint.” 

SmellWell recently launched their own e-commerce and we asked Anton what his takeaways from that journey are. He said:

1. Base your decisions on data and not your own thoughts and preferences.

2.  A/B-test everything to find out what actually resonates with your customer.

Published: Mar 24, 2022