Yoga, habits, startup culture & personal development

She’s a Career Coach, Business Developer, Artist and Yoga lover. We had a chat with Anna Höglund about habits, personal development, startup culture and more 

“The best thing about my job is the encounters with new people. When taking the time to meet and listen to another person you get new perspectives and learnings that bring so much value to both yourself and others.”

Soon after getting her degree in Human Resources at University of Gothenburg, Anna decided to deepen her knowledge within IT recruitment and career counseling, something she’s been working with for the past 10 years. Since the spring of 2019 she is also working as a Business Developer at intunio.

What are your learnings from working with startups and scale-ups?

“It’s very inspiring to be around intelligent and highly motivated people – being able to challenge, and be challenged.”

”Start- and scale-ups sometimes have a company culture characterized by ‘working around the clock’. I think there needs to be an understanding of the difference between ‘working a lot’ and ‘working hard’ since these are sometimes confused.

I agree with working hard, but don't believe you need to work evenings and weekends to do that."

Tips for scale-up leaders?

“Make sure to surround yourself with people who've done a similar journey to the one you aim to pursue. Individuals that can help you evaluate your company needs, regardless of their nature.”

“Trust your employees! When you’ve found the right people, give them the space and freedom to do their job. When founders keep micro-managing despite having hired "the right person", the right person will quit.”

Tips for job seekers?

"Find and express your desired work-life direction. Maybe you want to work fully remote, half time in a beautiful office, or be part of a big team? Maybe you want a change in careers?

Dare to talk about it to friends and family, even if you are not completely sure about what job you want.”

When it comes to personal development and individual growth, Anna highlights the importance of shaping your habits in order to feel better and get closer to your goals.

“I work with changing behaviour instead of trying to change my thoughts. I get up at 6, do yoga, light a candle and drink my water. That behaviour tells me that my life is valuable, that I am valuable and that my day is valuable. This has made the most beautiful impact in my life."

Meaningful relationships with the right people is also key, Anna says.

“Build relationships with people you look up to, be it in your personal or professional life. You will become who you surround yourself with and it’s important to choose and sometimes also opt out of some connections in your life.”

And hey, if you haven't already, check out Anna's podcast Make a living!

Published: Mar 24, 2022