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Do you have digital expertise and want to help those in need? Apply and get matched with organizations seeking volunteers.
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Right now many organizations are looking for Volunteers with expertise within Social Media, Sales, Support and overall digital competence. We are many who want to help, but it can be hard to find the ways to do it. This page aims to match possible helpers with organizations who are supporting Ukrainian people. Apply to let us know you are willing to reach out a hand. In your application, please let us know about your main competence, what you can offer and what kind of organization you would like to volunteer for, if you have any preferences. After receiving your application we will begin the matching process with scanning for organizations that are in need of your competence and help. If we find a match we will contact you.

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In these times it’s more important than ever to unconditionally reach out a hand to anyone who might need it. To be human first and more than anything else. There are many organizations making important efforts to help people in need. In order for them to be able to be that helping hand, they are depending on volunteers. Are you an organization supporting Ukrainian people in this crisis? Are you in need of volunteers with digital expertise for your support actions? Please, let us know by contacting
Fredrik Johansson
Published: Mar 14, 2022