Matilda landed a job at Trickle 🎉

She started her career in the agency world and moved on to working inhouse. But she was longing to go back. With a little help from Fredrik and DoubleCloud, she landed a job in the Trickle team.

“Working at an agency has a special feel to it that’s hard to grasp. It’s about the culture and people. It’s more about a sense of belonging”

Matilda was actually a part of the very early DoubleCloud, back then a Digital Marketing Agency called Double Group. As a Digital Marketing Specialist and later on Project Lead, she worked closely with clients in a tight-knit, growing team. 

After over 4 years with Double Group, she moved on to working inhouse as an Online Marketing Manager at Bubbleroom and later on as Head of Online Marketing and B2C Sales at Sappa.

A longing back to the agency world slowly began to grow.

“I missed that community feeling, the fast moving environment and being part of a smaller entrepreneurial team.That’s what drove me back.”

With a little coaching and guidance from Fredrik, she ended up having 2 different recruitment processes with DoubleCloud, of which Trickle was one of them.

“I felt like Fredrik genuinely was driven by finding the right fit for me. Not only career wise but that it also should align with my values, personality, lifestyle and so on. The whole process felt very safe, and fun too."

When meeting Trickle she immediately got a good gut feeling

“I personally focus a lot on the people, if you connect, if you share the same vision and so on. And it felt right from the very beginning.”

Today Matilda is happy and satisfied as Client Growth Manager at Trickle since about 6 months back. 

“I feel comfortable in my role and I like it a lot. A lot has aligned very quickly, and it was definitely a good match!”

Any personal advice to dream job seekers? 

“If you feel like you want to move on, but don’t know specifically what you want - get some guidance. Fredrik and DoubleCloud ask a lot of questions about what’s truly important to you, which helps in figuring out what your next step might be.”

Published: May 27, 2022